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Cala Molins

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Cala Molins
Cala Molins is situated at seven kilometres from Pollenša, and is separated from Cala Clara by Punta de la Torre where there was a military fortress, and it belongs to the four beaches known as Cala Sant Vicenš.

The residential houses and the touristic buildings that reach the coastline between the cliffs surround this beach, and its stony coast suffers the force of the cold wind blowing from the north, which makes the transparent water foaming and turbulent. The presence of the touristic and residential village explains the massive influx of local visitors and tourists.
The marine and underwater conditions are not very good for anchoring boats and this manoeuvre can only be done with good weather.

This beach is open to north-northeast, the sea comes in from the northwest, it has a gentle slope and the depth is three metres at three hectometres from the coast, on a sandy ground with seaweed and this is why you should anchor far away from this coastal stretch. The nearest port facilities are located at Port de Pollenša, at 16,4 nautical miles.

The accessibility by car is easy following the signs until Cala Molins. The private car can be left on a free parking area at the rear. If it was full, you can also park in the streets of the nearby village. You can also reach this beach with the public transport. The nearest bus stop is located in the surroundings of this beach.

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  • Limits: 
    Between Hotel Molins and Torrente de Can Botana
  • Geographical coordinates: 
    3░ 3' 31" N - 39░ 55' 16" E
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