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Sa Calobra

Plano situaciˇn
Type of beach rock

How to get there from Escorca

Start out from the centre of this village going northeast until you reach carretera Ma-10 turning left. Follow this road until the junction of Ma-2141, where you have to turn left onto this road. Stay straight on this winding road for 12 kilometres until the end. Here you can look for parking and reach the beach.

Distance: 19,7. Time: 30 minutes.
6.3 Km
Salir de Escorca
100 mts
13.3 Km
Sa Calobra

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Information about the beach

  • Geographical coordinates: 2║ 17' 5" E - 39║ 53' 40" N
  • Accesses to the beach:Yes PedestriansYes VehiclesYes Emergencies
  • Access for emergency vehicles: Yes Yes No No