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Platja de Binigaus
Es Migjorn Gran
Vigilance low
Type of beach sand
Platja de Binigaus

Platja de Binigaus is situated at four kilometres from es Migjorn Gran, located between Punta Rabiosa and Rodona, as well as next to the village of Sant Tomàs (you will reach this beach walking for 15 minutes from this residential area on Camí de Cavalls). It belongs to the Àrea Natural d'Especial Interès which goes from Cala Mitjana to this coastal corner. The coast of es Migjorn Gran has cliffs with a maximum height of 40 metres, with sea inlets which are the origin of isolated, virgin and beautiful coves, although Binigaus is the first beach of the south coast that is not like that. A u-shaped sea inlet which is the origin of this enormous bay, totally open to the sea, is situated at on the left side of Platja de Binigaus. This coast is characterized by being very long, it has rocky areas on the western natural breakwater, covered by thick pine trees that reach the coastline, and Illot de Binicodrell on the eastern area which separates it from the adjacent beaches. It has a flat beach with quite fine-grained sand and pebbles, it is exposed to the wind from the southeast-south-southwest, a gentle breeze, calm crystal clear water, it is not too crowded by local visitors and tourists, and at the rear there is a system of dunes and some agricultural land.

The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are not good because it is not very deep and it is totally unsheltered. Between the beach and the small island you can only navigate if the weather is good and with small boats.

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Municipality information Es Migjorn Gran

The municipality of es Migjorn Gran occupies the centre and southern area of Menorca (115 metres above the sea level). The word “migjorn” of its name indicates the cardinal point (“south” or “noon”), although it is also a reference to several menorcan territories, located around the village of Sant Climent (in the south of Ciutadella), where the water flows into the sea on the south coast.

This village was created in the second half of the 18th century around the church of Sant Cristòfol (1769-1775), located in the interior of the rural finca of Binicodrellet. This village was officially called like the chapel until 1988. The following year it became independent from the municipality of es Mercadal, and was then called es Migjorn Gran.

For all this time, this village has preserved the traditional taste of Menorca, and it has also still its old beauty. It is very quiet and calm, as you can feel when walking through the corners of the narrow streets, or looking at the beautiful houses, not more than two floors high.

Es Migjorn Gran is the richest territory of the Balearic Island in megalithic monuments, with a density of five prehistoric vestiges per square kilometre. Amongst the most important sites there is Cova des Coloms (of enormous size), sala hipóstila de Binigaus and the enormous talaiot of Sant Agustí Vell.

Joan Riudavets Moll (1889-2004) was born and died in this municipality. This migjorner was the most longeve person in the world in 2003, after his 114th birthday.
The municipality has 7 beaches.
Main technical data
  • Length of the beach: 
    1150 meters
  • Type of access: 
    For pedestrians
    For vehicles
    For boats
  • Average width: 
    44 meters
  • Access for disabled people: 
  • Degree of occupancy: 
  • Anchoring zone: 
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