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Cala Llucalari
Cala Llucalari

Cala Llucalcari is situated at eight kilometres from Alaior (“the menorquin Montpellier”), located between Cap de ses Penyes and Cova de sa Calc.

This beach is the result of the confluence of a sea inlet and the mouth of a torrent between canyons. This coastal corner is characterized by having a small size (50 metres long and 30 metres large), and a gravel and sand surface, a rare vegetation on the right side (bushes) and a thicker vegetation typical for wetland at the rear, as well as by being located between cliffs, the rocks on the left side are quite high, abrupt and steep.

The southern area of Menorca is cut by about forty canyons, some of them irrigated by torrents, with a contrasting landscape, as well as a rich flora and fauna. The summits are dry because of their sunny exposition, whereas the sides are dark and wet because they are more protected.

The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are not good because this coastal corner is not very safe. The accessibility by car is easy until the nearby beaches Platges de Son Bou. The private car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings. You can also reach this beach with the public transport in the summer season. From Son Bou you can reach Cala Llucalcari on foot after a short one kilometre walk.

These characteristics explain that the beach is not very crowded by local visitors and tourists.
When the beach has a lifeguard service, you must follow the lifeguards? instructions and the warnings on flags. A red flag indicates dangerous swimming conditions and means that swimming is not permitted. A yellow flag indicates that precaution must be taken, but that swimming is permitted. A green flag indicates that swimming is permitted. An orange flag is used to indicate that the lifeguard is absent. Act cautiously when no lifeguard is present or the service is not available and enjoy the beach without taking any unnecessary risks.

For health and safety reasons, the municipal ordinances ban pets on beaches.

Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the tourism office below:
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Municipality information Alaior

The municipality of Alaior (107,20 square kilometres in area) is situated in the south of Menorca, and it is the third population by historic tradition, demographic importance (about 8.000 people) and economic volume.

King Jaime II of Mallorca ordered to buy the alquería Ihalor in 1304, which gave the name of preroman origin, for the Real Heritage, and this was the date of the foundation of the town.

The municipality has an industrial and service society. It is an important menorcan shoe centre and it is also very popular for the milk products (traditional cheese), with the cooperative Coinga. There are also still some industry and handcraft of the metallurgic sector (hinge), furniture, marès quarries and implement masters (a carpenter who makes the wooden accessories for farming).

Nevertheless, the touristy activity is now leading the economy of Alaior, although it has only access to the sea on the southern stretch, where you can find the beaches of Son Bou, the longest sandy area of the whole coastline of this island. This coastal stretch is very important for the touristy development of the area.

Its cultural variety includes Taula de Torralba d'en Salort, Calescoves (necropolis), sa Torre d'en Gaumés and so Na Cassana (prehistoric settlements), Son Bou (paleochristian basilica), Església de Santa Eulàlia (built on a hill around which this village developed, Patí de sa Lluna (Església de Sant Diego), Cases Consistorials, Can Salort or s’Ull de Sol.
The municipality has 5 beaches.
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